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Space Travel 2

Kiddie Rides

  • Space Travel 2
  • Space Travel 2
  • Space Travel 2
  • Space Travel 2
  • Space Travel 2
  • Space Travel 2

Product parameter

  • SIZE:W1420*D1535*H1960 mm
  • VOLTAGE:220V
  • POWER:1300W
  • Space Travel 2
  • Space Travel 2
  • Space Travel 2
  • Space Travel 2
  • Space Travel 2
  • Space Travel 2
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Coin Operated Kids Kiddie Ride - Space Travel 2

1.1  Machine Brief

Space travel 2 kids kiddie rides is Funshare R&D machine, two side with different gameplay. One side the seat can move up and down vertically. Another side seat can rotate. Very good feeling for kids.

This game main target is giving kids fun during playing elevator and rotating machine. It can broaden their horizion. There is seat belt in the machine. It ensure the safety for kids when they play this machine. Also it will avoid many troubles.

1.2  Machine Characteristics

1. Elevator and rotate machine combine. Good playing feeling.

2. Seat belt come with, kids have fun, parents feel relieved

3. Eye-catching light design. Space atmosphere.

4. Space theme. Advanced and exclusive.




Second generation

1)  Two side for kids, two kids can play together.

2)  Safe belt in the seat and emergency stop buttom. keep the chilldren safe first.

3) Two side different game play, one side can move as circle, one side can move up and down.

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